Use thumbs to open lock system on both ends. Place phone or valuables into Seaquatix. Ensure all air is pushed out before sealing. Align lock system into place and close.


1. Please check that all locks are sealed properly before every use.

2. It may be more convenient to place your phone head first into your Seaquatix when attached to the lanyard.

3. Whilst in water, use your phone's side button to activate your camera for ease of use when taking photos or videos.

4. For Iphone models that require a fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone, use our new fingerprint unlock option by placing your fingerprint onto the circle and hold. Otherwise, temporarily activate 'assistive touch' in your settings to switch between apps as they have removed the home button OR use face detection to unlock phone. 

Care Instructions:

1. Do a waterproof test with non-valuables before use (i.e tissue paper).

2. Do not place sharp objects in waterproof case.

3. Rinse with fresh water and let air dry after use. 


Seaquatix. Not just a waterproof case. It's a lifestyle.

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