Seaquatix has compiled a list of things we get asked all of the time:

Well, we are glad you asked! Seaquatix is made from high quality thermoplastic polyurethane ("TPU"). Geez! Say that 10 times fast! TPU has high levels of elasticity and flexibility,  is resistant enough to repel oil and grease and durable enough to withstand abrasions. We also have a patented lock system which ensures our products are IPX8 Certified. We did our research, so you didn't have to!

Yes. Seaquatix is IPX8 certified which is the highest international protection rating classification. We are 100% waterproof up to 20 meters for up to 2 hours. Seaquatix can however be compromised by water in any of the following applications: (i) depths greater than 20 meters (ii) any physical force that could jeopardise the water-tight seal and (iii) incorrect or rough use. Whilst our products are awesome, we do require our customers to ensure they seal their Seaquatix products properly and take proper care when using it. Afterall, Seaquatix is waterproof not magic!

Yes. Whilst we have gone through some epic quality control, we recommend that you test your product before submerging your valuables in water. If for some reason your Seaquatix product is faulty, then please refer to our returns policy for a replacement. Aprille likes to test the product with paper to see if any leakages occur, so you can try that or come up with your own measure for testing.

We sure are! And it’s a good one too! If you don't want to wait too long for your Seaquatix waterproof case, you can now head over to General Pants Co nationwide or Golden Breed Byron Bay to pick one up! Keep checking back, because we are working on getting Seaquatix in some other really cool stores that you might love. We will keep you updated.

Yes. We knew someone would ask us this before we even started, so here at Seaquatix HQ we made sure that whether you have an apple, android or any other kind of phone, we have you sorted. Our smaller size fits any phone up to a 6 inch screen and our larger size fits any phone up to a 7 inch screen (Yes, this includes the Samsung Galaxy and Note series, iPhone Plus series and all other mobile devices!). If you are unsure about what size Seaquatix you need, feel free to visit our size guide page or email us at hello@Seaquatix.com

Yes. Aprille made this her personal mission. You will still have full touch screen sensitivity whilst your phone is in the Seaquatix. Yay! Just make sure that when you put your phone in, you push all the air out for optimum usage. That means you can still take photos, Facebook, IG stories, TikTok and text if you are ever stranded on a deserted tropical island... You're Welcome!

No. unfortunately, you will need to press the home button to access your phone and apps. Remember that old thing?  With iPhone 7's, we have been told that Apple has removed the home button, so you will need to ensure you have your assistive touch setting turned (its a floating home button on your screen) on so you can still use your phone as normal.

Yes. Yes, you can! Samsung's Galaxy face unlock recognition and iPhone's retina scanner works really well. So get your face up in it and start taking photos! Technology huh!

The short answer is Yes. The long answer is that underwater your touch screen will be disabled from swiping due to the water pressure, making your touch screen unresponsive. However, here at Seaquatix HQ, we have found other ways for you to get optimum usage from your Seaquatix underwater.  

We recommend:  Changing your camera settings to use the volume key to take photos underwater or hold it down to record videos OR pressing record before going underwater to take videos OR using self timer. 

Anyway, aside from photos and videos, when will you need to check your emails or calculate complex math questions underwater?

Seaquatix HQ knows that everyone loves a multi-talented partner. So we made sure that you had one that is as good in water as they are on land... or snow or dust or sand or dirt. Additionally, we made sure you are able to keep your valuables safe (i.e passports, credit cards, cash, etc) whilst travelling.  Finally, the cherry on top is that we made sure we are great with kids. Try us during bath time, feeding time or playtime. Product of your dreams? It does exist.

We get it. We are just so likeable. Seaquatix fulfils all of your emotional and physical needs. If you like what you see, then: like our Facebook Page. Follow our Instagram and sign up for relationship perks on our website below. Heck! Let's just change our Facebook status to "in a relationship".

Aww shucks! We get asked this question all of the time. The answer is simple. It is because we love what we do, we believe in our products and it just so happens that we just want to share it with the rest of the world. Sharing is caring right?